Child’s Play Nursery is excited to roll out a new food program featuring fresh, wholesome, ready to eat hot meals and snacks for all students, in partnership with the multi award winning children’s catering company Leela’s lunches

Leela’s lunches will do the planning, shopping, prepping and cooking, which means more time for you to spend on your to- do list, for your family and yourself.
Please note that our food program is not mandatory.

All the meals are especially formulated by our partner nutritionist and chef, and have been chosen in conjunction with the staff at Child’s Play Nursery. We know that kids are fussy eaters, so each bite must be delicious, and bursting with goodness. The guidelines our food program follows are simple but strict: wholegrains and real foods only. The team at Leela’s lunches are very particularly about the provenance of their ingredients and include organic/ free range/ certified free of hormones and antibiotics where required such as meat, poultry, dairy, fats, thin skinned fruit and leafy greens. Favouring real foods also means no refined flour, sugar, artificial additives or preservatives; fresh vegetable and whole fruit purees in every dish and everything made from scratch. 

Inspired by the diversity of the UAE, we are excited to introduce children to varied flavours on their plate, while including familiar tastes of home. Our program’s 3 week rotational menu for the term has been carefully put together with our inputs.

Here’s how it works:

We provide our catering partner with a list of children by age, class and dietary preferences and they’ll prepare your meals. We will also provide special meals for children with allergies, so no child needs feel left out!* We will send you our menu and nutritional information so you are informed every step of the way. 

The meals are prepared fresh every morning in Leela’s lunches state of the art kitchen facility and delivered to the nursery in temperature- controlled vans in insulated thermo- boxes.  The vans drop off the morning snack, and then make a second delivery with lunch. Because nothing but the freshest food for our little clients!

For new students we also provide daily feedback slips to teachers so you know how much your child is eating every day. 

Be prepared to be amazed! Magic happens when kids eat together on our program… the fussiest eaters open up to new tastes, and the developmental benefits of sharing a meal within a community setting are truly miraculous. 

Should you have any fuirther questions relating to our food program, feel free to message us and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

*Exceptions are made for children with severe allergies. Note that we cater to most common allergies and can provide meals that are vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, gluten free, bean free and egg free.

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